Translate words



This web site ofers the possibility of partially translating English text. That means that only those words of the vocabulary which have a direct relation in Spanish are translated. Words with more than one translation do not appear in the dictionary.

The dictionary grows thanks to the participation of people who desire add terms, the conditions are just that the English term could be translated only to one Spanish term.

Is is possible to add compound terms like: "happy birthday" and compound translations like "feliz cumpleaños". In these cases they would be stored in the dictionary as "happy-birthday", and our algorithm is able to find compound words.

The dictionary can contain verbs in infinitive and in present 3rd person and its verb<->noun, but the verbs translation is done by a basic predictive algorithm, so it can have mistakes.

If a word in the dictionary has a wrong translation is possible to modify from this Web site.

If a word thought to have a direct translation turns out to have more than one translation, which are not synonym, then you can erase from the dictionary.

Text translation are done in two stages.

  • First one translate the words that find in the dictionary and returns a list with the format by line:

<word number>, <number of words that compound it>, <repeating>, <translation>

  • Second one receives that list, the texto to apply,and the maximum count limit for the words that will be translated (by default, one word translation is only done 15 times in the text).

The result is the original text, and a Spanish translaction downline the words found in the dictionary up to the maximum count limit indicated.